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Macramé Crafts of Anna J.

“We all believe in something. I believe I’m called to be creative.”
– Anna Jimenez

      Ropes can be boring for some people but not to Anna J . Even at a young age, she always loved ropes especially with different colors. Making bracelets or anklets out of it was her fun time and it always gives her pleasure. Aside from that, she also loves crafting things. She believes that there is such beauty we miss to see in every crap we encounter and her favorites are dried tree branches.

photo owned by Anna J. Jimenez

     One day, while she was browsing through the internet something took his attention, it is about the art of macramé or tying knots in patterns . And because she naturally have the passion for knotting ropes, she self

studied the patterns and the different things she can make with it. She thought of combining the two, macramé and crafting. Both of her passion together in one creative artwork.

photo owned by Anna J. Jimenez

The Macramé Craft Maker

Anna Gonzales Jimenez is a 29 years old macramé artist, crafter, dreamer and designer. She was born and raised in Pavia, Iloilo. Graduated in Central Philippine University with the course of BA English. She is happily married to Mr Tyrone Jimenez and a mother to her 2 years old daughter, Talitha Cumi Jimenez. Currently, she is working and managing her own art shop that sells her own art works.
She has been professionally making macramé crafts for 2 years. November 2, 2015 when she took the huge step of opening her very own boutique at San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo across People’s Condo. And for her, the feeling was like living in a dream, feels surreal. But she believed that she was on the right track and that the only challenge is for her to keep on going no matter what.
Making these macramé crafts was not really that hard for Anna. She said that this might be because she’s pursuing her passion. Yes, she creates to somehow make a living. However, she’s also aiming to encourage the digital generation to not stop making or crafting. She wants to share and revive the love for handmades.
She likes trying to leave a peice of herself in everything she does and it excites her to create and create, knowing that somehow she’ll become a part of someone’s (her clients) everyday.

Marketing Macramé Crafts

photo owned by Anna J. Jimenez

    There are very few macramé crafter or artist here in the Philippines . Anna J. being one, already had clients, costumers and buyers all over the country.
Before she opened her shop in Iloilo City, Anna J. started marketing her art works through social media. She made a page in Facebook and Instagram where she posts pictures of her works. From there, she have gained a lot of followers and many of her friends are asking to buy them. That’s when she started pricing her works and selling them. Mostly for her local buyers, they would meet-up in a public place to transact. While for buyers outside Iloilo, it would be sent through a courier preferred by the buyers.
Aside from selling her products in her boutique, she also joins local Fairs and assemblies where she meets other crafters and makers also showcasing their products.
For big clients, Anna J. also designs events like wedding , prenup photo-shoot, debut, parties, events, etc. using her macramé crafts as decors.

“Inspire to be Inspired”

     For Anna J., God, her family and friend are the main ones who motivates her in whatsoever she is doing, including her macramé crafting. She couldn’t be more grateful to them for all the cheers and support, especially to the Lord’s abundant love and blessings. And also to all her clients who inspires her by believing in her abilities and creativity. She said that it would never be the same without them all.
“We are all created to create. Whatever-turns up, grab it and do it,” says Anna J. for
all the aspiring crafters and artist. She’d like to remind them that God is able, able to do exceedingly and abundantly, more that we could hope for. That if you have a dream, don’t stop till you see it, touch it, savor it. And once you’re there, tell yourself that it’s just the beginning. That one should never stop learning, ask help, listen, love what to do, love others, be humble and let your dreams take you to a much higher course with God on the lead.

written by Ptag98 on 29 March, 2o16

Anna Jimenez Contact Infos:

(these accounts we’re also some of my references)


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