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IT means so much to me.

“You’re the first thing I wanna see when I wake up and the last when I fall asleep.” These words, maybe the hopeless romantics may find it so sweet or may have dreamed to hear it from someone who makes their heart beat crazy and gives butterflies in their stomach. But for those who’s been eaten up by the digital world, the quote appears to be a riddle and the correct answer? Cellphone.

I confess, some mornings even if my eyes are still close my hands are already searching for my phone. The moment I open my eyes, my notifications are the first thing I see. Sad life? No, my reason for being like this is because I live far from home and the morning messages I receive from my family and some friends are like my energy boosters to start up my day.

That’s how Information Technology means to me. It obliterates the longing I feel from far away loved ones and friends. I can let them know what I’m doing or I can video call them when i miss them. I can watch korean dramas for my entertainment and share my thoughts about it on Twitter. And the good thing about it is that it doesn’t end in social interaction. IT opens so many doors for learners. One click and you may know everything about anything or share something academic or trivial to anyone. Another click and you might get hired from a job. Goods and services are expected to be more convenient with the use of IT. Calling a restaurant for food delivery, Shop and pay online or booking a ticket for a flight, concerts, movies, etc., are just some of the things IT offers. Just how amazing is that, right? Less of the body, more on the mind. It makes life much more easier for us. Though in exchange for all these advantages, IT has also disadvantages especially in our health and the development of sedentary lifestyle.

But Imagine the possibilities. There’s so much more to discover. In the end, we will never be the same again. IT has changed and will continue to change our lives.


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