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Browser War 1.0

     I remember the elders, those who are old enough, would always say: “Back in our days, the libraries were always packed with people carrying tall stacks of books, make sure to be early if you don’t wanna loose the last copy.” Now, how and when did this healthy practice stopped?

          Of course! Every political animal know why. It’s all because of the growing influence of “the internet“. Who says you need T.V. if you can always watch live or a replay from the internet. Why the need to buy cook books when you can always browse for recipes. I barely survived the days whenever we lost or have weak connection with internet and I have cursed PLDT so much for it, sorry not sorry. What I’m saying is that, life was never the same since the discovery of Internet. No, it doesn’t matter if you know its history or not. But it also won’t hurt to know how it started to boom.

           A bunch of geeks who created the first web browser called “Mosaic” wanted to make the internet usable for everone and not just for researchers and scientists. They teamed with Netscape Communication and together they launched a gateway to the web called Navigator which made them the fastest growing software company. Now, Microsoft Corporation being the hottest in the computer industry was feared and threatened by the rising of Netscape. Microsoft, wanting to stay on top, was very aggressive in winning the competition that they did everything including going against the law. They launched their own browser, the Internet Explorer, which they released for free and that led them to their truimp. Since then, there has been lots of the stuggle for dominance between web browsers.

            This teaches us to do our best when we fight our battles in life, so that in the end there will be no regrets. Learning about this war story may not be life changing for us and we may not care about it. But we must try to learn its significance because after all, browsers are our window to the web.


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